Skills: Design | Illustrator | Experience Design | Game Design

Summary: Conspiragram is a pervasive adventure/tag game that raises awareness about privacy and surveillance. Players seek out and photograph recent Instagram users in real locations and then tag them on Instagram.

Project Background: Big Games final. Our idea was to make a scavenger hunt/tag game based on real people's Instagram posts. We wanted to generate conversation around social media privacy and surveillance and to inspire users to use social media with more intention.

Team and your role: Team mbers included Andres Taraciuk, Jon Wasserman, Todd Bryant and Steve Cordova.

The Work: The spirit of the game was one that is everlasting. Users, Wwhenever they want, can switch in and out of Conspiragram Mode, seamlessly. They assume their spy alter-ego.

When in the game, the goal is to look for people that posted to Instagram either by looking at your friend feed or searching for location based hashtags, take a picture of them or what they took a photo of, upload it and tag the other person.

Player Type Points of Entry

Achievers- Go for volume, leaderboard achievement

Killers- Go for the person/location, love of the hunt

Socializers- May not hunt, but watch the lead
board. Don't want to play the game, but like that it exists.

Explorers- Exploit weaknesses in game mechanics. Also explore the various ways to identify targets and score points

Game Mechanics:

To enter a submission to #Conspiragram players must include:


Players get 1 point for emailing the picture and the tags to the conspiragram email and 3 points for posting in their own instagram account with the relevant tags. Tagged player loses same amount of points to avoid teamplay abuse

More documentation can be found here

Success Metrics: Difficulties

Problem: Instagram API doesn't allow posting pictures. It can only be done through the app.

If there is one shared Instagram account, players can delete/edit other posts.

Question: Will people play if they have to post from their personal account?

Open discussion: What other alternatives are viable?


Why are you showing me this project? Do you have any results that show this project achieved its intended goal?

What You Would Have Done Differently: Based on the process and outcome is there anything you learned you would have done differently? This is a great way to show growth and introspection.