Skills: Fabrication | Illustrator | Projection Mapping | Arduino | Experience Design

Summary: A robotic glockenspiel triggered by plucking guitar strings, with beams of light projected on the strings. Each time a string is plucked a corresponding bell is struck and a beam of light flows up and down the length of the string.

Project Background: the idea to projection map onto a guitar; a color image is projected onto the fretboard each time a string is plucked.  wanted to combine the pleasant and soothing sounds of the glockenspiel and the guitar. We talked a lot about how this piece of instrument would manifest visually and physically. We toyed around with the idea of using just the strings with projections as a larger than life size musical instrument interactive installation. Then we decided on a self contained instrument Initially the format still retained the bodies of a guitar and the glockenspiel; eventually we paired it down to only the strings and bells. To replace the glockenspiel playing sticks, we decided to use solenoids to tap the underside of the bells each time a string is plucked. Each guitar string initiates a specific bell, creating a harmonious sound.

Furthermore, we wanted to projection map onto the triggered glockenspiel bell as a string is plucked

Set the context for the project. What was the goal of the project? What were your constraints? What was the timeline?

Team and your role: Team members included Sonia Li, Aaron Sherwood, and Steve Cordova

The Work: Go deep to show what you produced. Research, sketches, wireframes, mocks, and a link to working site or application if possible.

Success Metrics: Why are you showing me this project? Do you have any results that show this project achieved its intended goal?

What You Would Have Done Differently: Based on the process and outcome is there anything you learned you would have done differently? This is a great way to show growth and introspection.