Chicha is  a digital platform that helps people become food entrepreneurs by crowdfunding their food dish, finding and renting commercial kitchen space, and creating the marketplace to to sell and market their food dishes. 

The name Chicha is derived from a sweet Peruvian drink made with purple corn called chicha morada. We chose the color purple for the logo as an homage to the drink. 

Below are the User Personas created for the site, along with sketches, and some wireframes.






I worked on creating a responsive infinite message list. Maintained a material design aesthetic as well as many of the Google Design patterns. 

Delved deep in the user experience of infinite lists.


  • Efficient way to browse ocean of information without pagination/reloading
  • It's a responsive experience


  • People are goal oriented. If it's never ending, creates frustration. That's why I believe, Google Search still has pagination. Results are framed, indexed, presented clearly and orderly.
  • Turns every browsing experience into a complicated one. Gives no reference point.
  • There is a cost to clicking on an item. You go back to square one when done.
  • Too much choice overwhelms